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All About Asset Allocation


Looking to get that nest egg started, and not sure where to look? This is an excellent read, and highly recommended.
One thing to keep in mind is that procrastination is really not your friend when it comes to investing. Waiting to find the perfect mix of risk and rewards is simply not possible. No-one knows what the future holds, and there is no crystal ball. To quote the author: “The enemy of a good asset allocation is the quest for a perfect one. Fight the urge to be perfect. It is not possible. Instead, design a good multi-asset-class portfolio, implement the plan, and maintain the plan. You will be glad you did.” Continue reading

The Path of Deception

Ever wonder how we in the “developed world” since the eighteenth century have gone from the vast majority of us working on farms, to now less than 5% working on farms, and the majority working in white collar and service industries?

The Big Investment Lie
The Big Investment Lie

I am reading this awesome book right now that I think has nailed it. It The Big Investment Lie by Michael Edesess. Just to give a quick background, Michael is a Ph.D. in mathematics with a diverse background in the financial services industry. The book is highly recommended especially for anyone who is serious about getting the most out of their investment dollars.

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Transamerica Animated whiteboard

I just met with a client who was telling me story after story about how life insurance is the only safety net for several of his friends and colleagues in today’s economy. I agree, and with so many people uncertain of their financial future, I thought it would be appropriate to share this video:

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CBS news article on retirement savings

Is this really the best plan out there?

Saw this article trending on LinkedIn today:  CBS article: 401(k) savings advice for Gen-Xers 

While I do agree with much of what was written, I feel that it necessary to shed some light on what the author claims is the only retirement savings option.  First off, I agree that any employee should absolutely max out their option of employer matching into their retirement account.  That’s a no brainer simply because it is free money.  On the other hand, over funding above and beyond what is matched, in my opinion is something that should be seriously considered.  Why would someone want to contribute over their employer matching percentage into something that is frankly a big question mark as far as income it can provide in the future?

Did you know that the average American approaching retirement age has in their 401(k) plan?  It is pretty devastating figure of $30K.   Click here for more info on what happened.

It would make sense if 401(k) were the only option.  However, there are vehicles out there that are superior to a 401(k) for purposes of providing retirement income.  Vehicles that offer not only deferred taxes during the growth phase, but also provide preferred taxes during distribution.  This is a vehicle that is similar to a Roth IRA without the penalties and restrictions associated with a Roth.  The other advantage of this particular vehicle is that it is guaranteed contractually to never loose principal or earned income.   At the same time, it is market driven, so you take advantage of growth following a stock index such as the S&P 500 up to a cap.

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IRA rescue

Ever hear of a 201(K)? Thats what happened to just about everyone I know in 2008 who had 401(K) and 403(B) or any IRA. Why? Your hard earned funds in those accounts are subject to market risk including the principal.

Complete risk of my personal savings is something I wasn’t aware of until I watched my IRA shrink in half in 2008. Ever since then, I have been looking for a better option for my IRA invested in Mutual Funds. By the way, were you aware of “hidden” fees? Watch this shocking report from Bloomberg TV, and answer if you know where to find your fees on your IRA statement?

Just in 2011 stumbled on what I believe is going to make a giant impact in not only my finances, but those who follow my lead. Did you know there is a strategy that allows you to participate in market gains, but where your principal is guaranteed?
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