Book review: Get Your Fats Straight


Lets start this off by asking a quick question.  Have you ever wondered about the abundance of auto-immune diseases lately that we hear about every day?   Perhaps you have friends and family who are suffering from these.  What if there was a very simple and affordable way to PREVENT auto-immune disease risk?  Would you want to know what it is? Continue reading

A Tale of Two Airlines

A Tale of Two Airlines

How do your airlines stack up?

When you decide which airline to fly, what are the factors in your decision? I know for me, it is much more than the ticket price because regardless of what you pay, if you don’t get to your destination in a reasonable amount of time, the fare for that ticket is wasted.   It really comes down to which airline earns one’s confidence in providing transportation from point A to point B.

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Reset 2014

Looking to start the new year off with the best sleep imaginable, the cleanest organs possible, and a super healthy digestive system?   This just may be exactly what you are looking for!  This will be my third annual Reset, and I can say that there is no better way than to commit to this!   This is NOT an extreme cleanse, it is all real foods, all delicious, and zero starvation or harsh laxatives. Continue reading

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